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  • Hydroponics Farming company & retail Supplier in India

    India’s leading clean food solution provider, FutureFarms designs and implements
    turnkey hydroponic solutions for large-scale commercial farming.

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  • Big Farms, Small Footprint

    Our farms maximise productivity while simultaneously optimising your use of resource.

    Data and Food

    Operating on the cloud, you are now able to grow the cleanest produce while logging critical data and metrics to ensure maximum results.

    New Standards

    To bring back trust in our food system, everything grown on our farms are 100% toxin and pesticide-free.

    A World-Class Team

    We have assembled the best and brightest, a team aligned with how we look at the coming of this food revolution. We field expertise from deep science to engineering and marketing to food.






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    Let’s take Control

    To design a transparent and dependable food ecosystem, we enable complete control over what is grown, and how it is grown – finally providing a clean, nutritious and traceable choice to markets and customers.

    For our growers, we offer more than the opportunity to grow food that adds immediate value to their markets. We are creating a network of scalable and profitable clean-food production hubs that can ensure consistent supply to streamlined distribution channels and export markets.

    All of these efforts are directed towards our mission: Clean food for all.

    Today, what you’re looking to get is not just a farm; it’s a chance to be a part of this mission.

    We Assure

    Extreme space
    & water efficiency

    By recirculating water we use 3x to 7x less than conventional agriculture. Saving about 90% water!.

    high-quality produce

    Controlled environments allow year round growing and harvesting. By growing the crops in a soilless medium, only optimal amounts of nutrient is used by the crop.

    Zero harmful
    pesticide use

    We encourage only an Integrated Pest Management method at our farms. Soil pests are absent and air-borne pests are controlled by the polyhouse.


    Yields are higher compared to field agriculture per square foot. We use up to 10X less land than in fields.

    Zero Agricultural

    Water that is not taken up by the plants, ‘run-off’ water, is recaptured and used over and over again.

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