7 Facts about Hydroponic System for Indoor Gardening

7 Facts about Hydroponic System for Indoor Gardening

Growing plants indoors with hydroponics allows gardeners to create a garden in their home even if they have a limited amount of space. In addition to being able to grow plants in a small amount of space, indoor hydroponic gardening has several benefits. One particularly practical benefit is that hydroponic gardening is much less messy than soil. Additionally, indoor gardens can be a sustainable source of high-quality produce year-round, provided the environmental conditions are kept optimal.

Indoor hydroponic gardens have several other secondary benefits as well. By growing plants indoors, gardeners can control many aspects of the growing environment. This includes the control of plant diseases and pests. Last, but certainly not least, a benefit that may not be often considered, is that plants are grown indoors aid in cleaning the air of different toxins and release oxygen back into the surrounding indoor environment.

  • Faster Growth! Plants grow faster with hydroponics because it’s a more efficient way to grow them. For example, most experts agree that plants will grow at least 20% faster with hydroponics vs soil. That’s a huge time saver!

  • Bigger Yields! Scientists have lots of theories as to why this is the case, but the fact of the matter is that experts also agree you can expect at least 20-25% more yields with hydro as compared to growing in soil. That truly adds up!

  • No soil! This can be a benefit because you may live in an area where there is no good soil to grow plants outside. Or perhaps you don’t have any outside area because you live in an urban area. With a hydro grow you can still grow plants, even if you don’t have soil!

  • Space Saving! Because your plants don’t need to spread their roots out into lots of soil to get the nutrients they need (because they’re surrounded by oxygenated nutrient-rich water solution)–you can pack more plants closer together. This saves a TON of space and one of the amazing features about indoor grow is how many plants can be put together and grown in a small space. Again, this is perfect for urban dwellers who want to grow a lot of plants with little space.

  • Water Saving! Because you are using reservoirs that are covered (to prevent evaporation) and no water seeps out of the bottom (because they’re sealed)–the plants take up the exact amount of water they need at any one time and the rest remains in the reservoir to be used later. Compare this to soil gardening where you have to water your plants daily and most of the water is wasted. It’s easy to see how the same amount of water used to water a plant in the soil for a day can water a plant in a simple hydroponic system for multiple days or even a week at a time! In short, you can save about 90% of your water by switching to hydro growing.

  • No Weeds! One of the most tedious, time-consuming and frustrating activities for many gardeners is cleaning their gardens and pulling out weeds. With hydroponics growing there are no weeds to pull!

  • Less Diseases & Pests! Because you’re not using soil, you also get rid of a lot of soil-borne diseases and pests that can normally wreak havoc on your plants and make gardening a pain.

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