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Leaf Station Farm

The Leaf station Farm is a hydroponic growing module, designed to include all the components required for commercial clean food production. The system is designed and engineered for seamless operation, allowing growers to immediately start growing.

With a focus on delivering consistent light to the plants, this flatbed farm encourages uniform growth, colour, size and appearance. The Leaf Station Farm’s modular and ergonomic design ensures efficient harvesting and easy scalability.

NFT – Flat Bed

Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) occurs by running a thin layer of water through channels. This technology ensures the plant receives the required water while leaving the roots well aerated

Key features of a 1 acre

  • 90% water saving
  • More yield per acre
  • More cycles per year
  • Zero pesticides
  • Less labour
  • Complete farm automation
  • Auto dosing & Fertigation
  • Low maintenance

Finding the perfect
home for your farm

With the FutureFarms network expanding nationally, the range of locations that our Farms are being set up, is growing and diversifying, just as quickly. If you’re unsure about how to choose the site for your farm, Please get in touch with us.


Setting up
Controlled environment

The installation of the polyhouse and climate control is not within the scope of FutureFarms; we strategise and connect dedicated polyhouse vendors with the potential farmers. Alternatively, the farmers are free to work with a vendor of their choice.



Grow tables
These are NFT tables, on which the plants are grown.
Components that sense the pH & EC of the water and automatically add nutrients based on the crops being grown.
Components that control how water travels through the farm.


Training &
grow support

FutureFarms seeks to ensure that every new farmer has the tools and knowledge, to start, run, and operate a successful Hydroponic growing operation. We work with leading brands worldwide, to ensure that you have access to the highest quality inputs.

NFT Crop Guide



Red & Green


Summer crisp

Lolla rosso



Gotu Kola

Mustard Greens

Asian Greens



Basil varieties