What Hydroponic Supplies do I Need to Start Hydroponic Gardening?

What Hydroponic Supplies do I Need to Start Hydroponic Gardening?

If you are a hobby gardener looking for a Hydroponics Retail Supplier in India look no further than the FutureFarms store. FutureFarms is a Chennai based Hydroponics Retail Supplier in India which sells Hydroponic Equipment across the country.

The FutureFarms hydroponic kits in India are holistic growing solutions designed to provide one with all the essentials needed to get growing! If you want to try your hand at being an urban hydroponic farmer FutureFarms hydroponic kits in India are for you!

With a Hydroponic Growers kit, you will receive a FutureFarms hydroponic system of your choice along with all the accessories that you need, to take you from seed to harvest.

But what exactly is Hydroponics?

1.Seedling Tray & ProGro Mix: It is not advisable to sow seeds in your hydroponic system as your rate of germination will be very low. For this reason, we provide you with a seedling tray and ProGro mix to help you germinate your seeds separately into seedlings which are then ready for your hydroponic system!

2.General Hydroponics Europe Flora Series Tri Pack Nutrients: Every plant needs 3 macronutrients and 11 micronutrients to grow. In hydroponics, to ensure maximum yield, nutrients are added in a predefined ratio at each stage of growth to give the plant exactly how much it needs when it needs it! The Flora Series Tri Pack consists of three bottles; Grow, Bloom and Micro of 500 ml each and a feeding chart to instruct you on the dosage of each nutrient. General Hydroponic Europe is a global leader in nutrient manufacturing and we at FutureFarms are the only licensed Hydroponics Retail Supplier in India that provides you with their nutrients because we want you to have the best!

3.Bluelab ppm pen: How do you know how much of the nutrients you’re giving your plants are actually being consumed? With your ppm pen! The Bluelab ppm pen measures the electrical conductivity (EC) of your water which in turn tells you how much nutrients you have in your reservoir. The EC readings will help you discern how much of your nutrients are intaken by the plants and therefore how much more you need to add! Bluelab is a Kiwi company that makes the best water testing equipment in the world. We at FutureFarms are the only licensed Hydroponics Retail Supplier in India to provide you with Bluelab equipment.

4.General Hydroponics Europe pH test kit:: Plants tends to favour a slightly acidic medium for growth because this is when they are able to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. The pH test kit helps you measure the pH of your water.

5.pH buffers: What happens if your water is too acidic or too basic? This is why you have pH buffers. If your water is too acidic, a few drops of the pH up solution will help you decrease its acidity to bring it within the ideal range for your plants to flourish. Similarly, if it’s not acidic enough, a few drops of your pH down solution will do the trick!

FutureFarms designs Hydroponic Kits to meet your every budget, space, and plant requirement! While the head office is based in Chennai, FutureFarms has a logistic network that caters Hydroponic kits to all of India. Check out FutureFarms online store now to start growing!

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