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Grow your plants with Hydroponic tailored kits Hydroponic plants have a higher growth rate than soil plants grown under the same conditions. They also produce greater yields. The advantages of using Hydroponics in rapidly expanding places like Bangalore and Gurgaon are massive! Hydroponic plants also have fewer problems with disease, funguses, and bug infestations. You can grow almost any vegetable, houseplant or fruit that you want in your hydroponic garden. Hydroponic systems are also beneficial
Environmental benefits of the Hydroponic method As global warming becomes a bigger issue for the average citizen, consumers and government leaders are always looking for better ways to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions and help the environment. Perhaps one of the greatest ways India can cut back on harmful greenhouse gasses is through examining how we produce and distribute our food supply. Hydroponic growing in India has numerous possibilities to not only produce, larger,
Hydroponics and Grow Lights Artificial lighting for plant growth has been one of the best additions to the agriculture-technology marriage. Replacing the sun as the light source has been a long and hard journey, juggling efficiency and power consumption v/s cost. In the current scenario, lights exist in adjustable and plant-specific spectrums with customizations available in all aspects. The current research into lighting technologies has brought forth more regulation and better standards to look for
Hydroponics – The Profitable way of Growing Let’s make one thing clear: Hydroponic farming at home can become expensive if improvements are not made continually to achieve greater production efficiency. For hydroponic farming to be profitable, close attention must be paid to the hydroponic equipment, crop management, and water-use efficiency. The good news is that most home hydroponic growers can improve these aspects of production without extensive capital outlay. Water availability is a concern for
Hydroponics Nutrients for growing plants Those of you doing hydroponics farming in Chennai, Gurgaon and the rest of India, have you ever stopped to wonder what you’re feeding your plants? Whether you’re doing large scale hydroponics in India or hydroponics gardening at home, nutrient dosage can make or break your harvest! So, here’s a brief article to acquaint you with the basics of hydroponic nutrients. Nutrients are the basis of any hydroponic system since they
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