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How to improve Hydroponics Lighting Using Artificial lighting in growing crops is a fairly new concept when you consider that agriculture itself is an age-old practice that led to the development of modern society. There is still a lot of data being gathered on the efficacy of lights for indoor growing especially to do with spectrums and optimal use of electricity to maximize growth while not stressing out the plants. Lights are increasingly being used
Types of mediums that are used for hydroponic gardening Hydroponics by definition does not use any soil, soil which has traditionally been one of the core components of farming/gardening was the best format for nutrient delivery. The soil plays 2 important functions, the first it breaks down the fertilizing agents so that the plant can absorb the same via its roots, second, it also supports the plants so that they can stand upright. Hydroponics omits
Which is better – Hydroponics VS Soil Cultivation Hydroponics refers to the method of growing a plant without the use of soil. Some centuries ago, farmers realized that plants absorbed nutrients via the soil that soaks around their roots the soil, acting as a nutrient reservoir, and as a medium in which plants stabilizes itself. Hydroponic systems in India are still a rarity. Though there are now a few companies that provide hydroponics kits in
Adopt Hydroponics to get better yield Throughout our schooling we have been taught that India has an agriculture-dependent economy, or that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, today, however, there is some disconnect with this statement. Our government has come to realize that agriculture is not serving the nation and developmental goals very well and has hence looked at other ways of increasing employment and inclusiveness. Before we jump into this topic please
Types of Hydroponic Gardening Methods Since there are many different options when it comes to hydroponic systems, it can be hard to decide what method may work best for home hydroponics or commercial farming. Here’s a quick overview of some of the different types of hydroponic equipment and systems. Nutrient Film Technique One of the more intricate hydroponic arrangements is known as nutrient film technique (NFT). This also involves the use of a reservoir and
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