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pH Levels and your Hydroponic System The two most important factors in water and nutrient management are pH and conductivity, and a good understanding and command of these variables is essential for successful hydroponic gardening. The pH levels in hydroponic systems can often be overlooked if a grower is focusing more on monitoring a solution’s electrical conductivity or TDS level, balancing nutrients, providing beneficial additives and avoiding algae and plant pathogen problems. Today, we’re going
Growing plants without soil Growing plants in water is a relatively new trend. Though the technique is as old as agriculture itself, this new trend has recently emerged and enamored people both young and old. Hydroponics technology in India is a very new affair and still enjoys a warm glow of novelty. Commercial farming is just catching up in India and is emerging as a viable entrepreneurial option among many of the youth that has
Build an Efficient Hydroponic System in Easy Steps Hydroponics is vying to become the go-to method for home growing. It reduces the physical effort involved in growing crops at home and offers a much simpler formula to grow crops. To build a hydroponics system you can go about it in 2 ways, build your own from scratch or buy prefabricated hydroponics systems from a Hydroponics Equipment Supplier in India. To build a basic NFT( Nutrient
Hydroponic Gardening – Advanced Way To Grow Plants Gardening at home has always been a pleasure for some, and a pain for others. For some, the thought of getting dirt in their fingernails and flooring, working with earthworms, and digging through smelly manure, provides a certain ‘joie de vivre’ that others may find unappealing. Other people, may want gardening to be less of an arduous task, yet still, wish to have the benefits of fresh
Grow Your Own Plants In A Hydroponic System The types of plants that can be grown on a hydroponic system, is controlled firstly by the Hydroponic System Design. There are three main types namely NFT( Nutrient Film Technique) DWC( Deep Water Culture) and media beds. NFT is most commonly used to grow leafy greens and herbs, this includes crops like lettuce, basil, and coriander. The main characteristic of these crops is that they have a
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