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Beginner Hydroponic Gardening Tips – Part 1 Many beginners attempting Hydroponics in India, usually struggle to grow and we attribute their reasons for failure under three categories: 1.Lack of knowledge: You don’t know how things should be or what you need to do 2.Lack of discipline: You know how things should be and you know what needs to be done, but you don’t take the time or make the effort 3.Lack of support: you do
7 Facts about Hydroponic System for Indoor Gardening Growing plants indoors with hydroponics allows gardeners to create a garden in their home even if they have a limited amount of space. In addition to being able to grow plants in a small amount of space, indoor hydroponic gardening has several benefits. One particularly practical benefit is that hydroponic gardening is much less messy than soil. Additionally, indoor gardens can be a sustainable source of high-quality
Hydroponics Farming by Using LED Grow Lights The use of artificial lighting to grow crops indoor has been a revelation to the farming industry. This application of artificial lighting is not the most widespread in India, considering the costs while choosing amidst other hydroponic technologies. Primarily hydroponic crops in India are not grown under artificial lights, but as a hybrid of hi-tech poly-house farming and hydroponics to provide a more affordable option for those interested
The Journey of Hydroponic Systems Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables or herbs at home but were unable to do so for lack of space? If so, hydroponic farming at home could be the answer you’ve been looking for! Eljay from the YouTube series “How To Hydro” has a great explanation for why we want to do indoor gardening. He says, “Indoor growing is all about creating perfect Sundays, every day, for
Advanced Way To Grow Plants – Hydroponic Gardening We have been growing plants the same way since the dawn of agriculture. The main components are soil, water, sunlight, and nutrients. Traditionally the nutrients that were naturally present in the soil sufficed food production requirements. Ever since the 1960’s in India the advent of the agricultural revolution also known as the ‘Green Revolution’ promoted intensive agriculture with the help of the chemical inputs to replenish the
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