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How to Choose the Hydroponics Suppliers? Hydroponics in India is a very new industry and hence, finding good hydroponics suppliers is more difficult than would be expected. This article is a short guide to helping you pick a good hydroponics supplier to get you started with growing plants at home. The first thing you should do is to categorize existing suppliers into equipment manufacturers vs. re-sellers of popular brands. This is important because if the
What is Vertical Hydroponic Gardening Vertical gardening, simply put, happens when you grow plants in layers that are one on top of the other. This method is useful for those who are looking to economize on space, since you can grow upward almost indefinitely thereby increasing plant capacity within a restricted space. With the introduction of hydroponics in India , vertical farming has become much simpler since soil is done away with. Hydroponics farming in
Hydroponics Gardening – Moving Beyond the Hobby Stage Hydroponic Gardening can be a fun activity with rewarding results. These results, however, beg the question can I do this to make money as a commercial venture. We then look to expand out of the hobby growing scenario and move to a more serious production-based method of growing. This move fueled by a desire to see hydroponics as a viable, sustainable and profitable venture would mean changing
Indoor and Outdoor Hydroponic Gardening With the advent of commercial hydroponics and other soilless methods of farming, indoor cultivation has gained a lot of traction. India has a few areas such as Bangalore where the weather is mild enough to suit gardening with hydroponics outdoors for the entire year with good management practices, and appropriate crop selection. However India has a lot of places where it is difficult to grow a large variety of crops
Epic Gardening – Hydroponics You want to grow hydroponically! There are very few things that can take your gardening to the next level quite like moving to Hydroponics does. However, whether you’re totally new or just adding onto an existing system, you need an overview of all your choices before you start on hydroponic system design. In this article, we’re going to review the parts of a hydroponic system, the 5 main methods of hydroponics,
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